Enabling tactile technology for better human-machine interface

Tactile Sensing

TacSense is a high-tech startup company spun off from the University of California. The company strives to address global demands in tactile sensing in various industries like Health & Wellness, Medical, and Consumer Electronics. To address the issues that still remain within the market demand for high-precision and ultra-flexible mechanical sensing modalities, TacSense has pioneered to fill that innovation gap by providing ultra-sensitive tactile sensors, flexible human-sensing interfaces, and wearable health monitors, in addition to consulting services with these emerging directions. TacSense has multiple granted US and international patents on innovative tactile sensing solutions and is a recipient of many prestigious Startup Awards including the Sacramento Innovation Award and CES Innovation Award Honoree for its technological innovations. We have three locations: our Research & Development office in Woodland, CA, HQ and SCM center in Shenzhen, China, and project office in Beijing, China.


What started from a lab research at UC Davis has grown to be the world’s most intelligent tactile sensors.

November 2019

Winner of CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree

July 2019

Established project facility in Beijing, China

January 2019

1st Showcase in Eureka Park CES 2019

November 2018

Received Sacramento Innovation Award 2018

March 2018

Established Headquarter in Shenzhen, China

September 2017

Joined incubator at Plug and Play

July 2017

Entered market in Asia

February 2017

Received Seed investment

April 2016

Established R&D office in California

October 2015

Granted first patent by US Patent and Trademark Office

April 2015

Obtained exclusive licensing from the Regents of the University of California




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