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Health & Wellness

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  • Continuous tracking of biometric signals such as heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure wave form, and heart rate variability.
  • Measure and analyze activity levels such as movement patterns and muscle contraction with high accuracy in real time.
  • Ability to remove motion artifacts and improve signal quality in other wearable devices.
Applications in Health & Wellness

Wearable Pulse Sensing

WPS gives our customers the ability to track their biometrics in various areas of the body. Through WPS, we are able to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, emotion, stress level, and moving pattern. With seamless integration of TacSense’s flexible and ultrasensitive FITS sensing technology, WPS aims to offer a complete wearable solution to closely monitor people’s health conditions as well as their daily activities in a simple, sleek, and secure way.
body Superficial Temporal Artery Facial Artery Carotid Artery Brachial Artery Radial Artery Femoral Artery Popliteal Artery Posterior Tibial Artery Dorsalis Pedis Artery


        The shoe application has led TacSense to an unprecedented area within the health and wellness industry because it allows the wearer to go about their typical day while being able to track and measure their vital signs through their shoes.
        The key factor about the smart health shoe application is that, not only is it accurate like other standard ECG sensors but it allows the data to be tracked and stored for their primary physician. This complementary function to a typical, everyday piece of clothing makes life easier and more efficient, especially for those that have a harder time operating on their own such as senior citizens and babies.
        Currently, the shoe is able to measure the heart rate, breath rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure trending, and movement including trip and fall detection. Eventually, the shoe will be able to detect peripheral artery disease and track diabetic foot care through pedal pulse monitoring of neurogenetic disorder for people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or Huntington’s disease. Such gait analysis for neurogenic disease will be extremely helpful for patients in rehabilitation and training. Further study is being done to transmit a person’s emotion, especially for those with down syndrome or ADHD.


Heart rate accuracy

< 2 BPM

Heart rate range

45 – 220 BPM

Breath rate accuracy

< 2 RPM

Breath rate range

10 – 20 RPM

Pulse feature detection


6 activities recognition




1 mmHg

Response time

< 1ms

Working pressure range

0 - 250 mmHg

Mechanical stability

1,000,000 cycles


Built-in rechargeable battery

Last 7 days

Case weight

< 11g


1.5" x 1.4" x 0.4"


Advancing life and modern technology with environmentally friendly smart interface.
  • Diversity of input signals: on/off, slide, multi-point touch, and gesture
  • Exclusively fully transparent sensor, fabric sensor, array sensor, ultra-small size, and high-precision sensing.
  • Give input for flexible 3D touch in hard, soft, or curved surfaces.
  • Detection of body and touch for intelligent switch and controller.
  • Well-suited for human prosthetic devices and services.

Pressure distribution measurement

Project consultation: Mr. Chen,18026916463

Introduction of TSA pressure distribution measuring instrument

TSA pressure distribution measuring instrument is a set of pressure distribution test research and online pressure distribution monitoring tool independently developed by Titan Technology. The equipment is composed of three parts: pressure distribution measurement software, data collector, and thin film sensor. The products are divided into two categories: wired and wireless, which can meet the needs of users for pressure distribution point testing. It can also achieve pressure distribution through an integrated solution. Online monitoring and feedback alarm.

Software function

2D/3D display mode, real-time display of pressure distribution cloud map;
The pressure distribution cloud map can be photographed and stored
Pressure distribution cloud map can be recorded and played back
Various data statistical analysis based on photo and video data
Generate multi-dimensional pressure data versus time curve based on video data statistics
Pressure data can be imported into Excel spreadsheet
Display pressure data at each point
Can display the center of gravity and pressure center of gravity track
Afterglow record display

Data collector specifications

Product number


Shell material


Physical dimension


Interface Type

USB 2.0

Power supply

5V 0.2A Micro USB port power supply

Maximum scan rate

50Hz(Depends on the pressure area)

Digital pressure resolution


Sensor array interface

0.5mm 64Pin Flexible FPC interface g

Indicator light

Power indicator green (long light means normal power on)

Connection indicator yellow (long light indicates normal connection)

Data indicator blue (flashing indicates data transmission)

Operating temperature


Working humidity

0-95%(No condensation)

Thin film sensor specifications

Characteristic Standard






<5% Every Log time

Operating temperature




Product advantages

1. All thin film sensor sizes and ranges can be independently designed and manufactured according to the use environment, which can better cope with complex test scenarios;
2. Thin film sensors can be integrated in automation equipment and other application scenarios with customers, and can also cooperate with customers to design software such as automatic statistics, analysis, alarms and other special functions.
3. The advantage of high cost performance can fully replace the pressure-sensitive paper as a consumable to save costs for customers.
4. The advantage of completely independent technology provides reliable guarantee for users' equipment maintenance and after-sales service.

Main application scenarios

1. Battery charging and discharging process test, battery pressure clamp test;
2. Heat sink pressure distribution test;
3. Pressure distribution test of LCD screen panel;
4. Pressure distribution test and balance adjustment of fitting equipment;
5.Pressure distribution test and balance adjustment of machine head;
6.Film pressure distribution test;
7.Brush cleaning pressure distribution test;
8.Mattress and human body pressure distribution test;
9.Plantar pressure distribution test;
10.Roller blessing force and balance detection;
11.Balance adjustment of screen printing squeegee;
12.Integration of thin film sensors in automation equipment;

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