Enabling haptic technology to achieve a better human-machine interface
Enabling haptic technology to achieve a better human-machine interface

Company profiles


TacSense Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (TacSense) develops and owns the world's most sensitive and flexible tactile sensing technology-Flexible Ionization Sensing Technology (FITS). It uses unique ionic materials to form an ion-electronic interface in response to mechanical excitation, can provide real-time, high-quality, low-noise tactile/pressure signals, and has physical characteristics such as full flexibility, optical transparency, and ultra-thin packaging. By providing ultra-sensitive tactile sensing modules and flexible human-machine sensing interfaces, it solves the pressure sensitivity and pressure distribution demand pain points of various industries, and is used in consumer electronics, industrial testing, medical health, robotics, IoT and other industries. The company's team is composed of many professors and doctors from prestigious overseas universities. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, has a research and development center in California, and has engineering and marketing teams in Chengdu, Suzhou, and Beijing.



• ISO9001 certification
• National high-tech enterprise
• Shenzhen's top 50 enterprises with the most investment value
• Guangdong Province "Pearl River Talents" plan to introduce innovative and entrepreneurial teams
• Titan Technology has completed tens of millions of yuan in A+ round of financing in 2020

Our advantage

Fully independent intellectual property rights, full chain



Unique ionization sensing materials and various processes (fully transparent, ultra-thin coating...)



Ultra-high sensitivity and ultra-strong signal-to-noise ratio tactile sensor, fully flexible,

Hardware and firmware

Hardware and firmware

Highly integrated data acquisition module and related embedded software,

Wireless communication

Wireless communication

Provide a variety of low power consumption, strong real-time performance, and convenient networking.

Software and AI algorithm

Software and AI algorithm

Provide haptic AI intelligent algorithms to realize real-time graphics of haptic intelligence

Development path


The three application directions are fully blooming, and the Titan Research Institute is established


Completed tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing from Xiaomi's production investment and Lenovo's co-investment, and won the Shenzhen Most Valuable Investment Enterprise, the first prize of the
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology "Black Eye Technology" Entrepreneurship Competition, and the third prize of the Shenzhen Enterprise Group of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Awards and many other awards


Won the first prize of the Tsinghua Sanchuang Competition, the National High-tech Fair Excellent Product Award, released the world's first FDA-certified cardiovascular health monitoring smart shoe at CES in the United States, and won the CES Innovative Product Award. A round of financing


Taishen Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established and won an angel round of financing from Yuandu Ventures


Received funding from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team of the "Pearl River Talents" Plan of Guangdong Province


TacSense secures seed round investment in the U.S.


Released the world’s first all-solid ionization sensor array and obtained the first ionization sensor technology Patent authorization of technology in the United States


TacSense was established in the United States and released the first multi-channel ionized sensor array


Released the world's first ionized pressure sensor


The prototype of the ionization sensor technology (FITS)


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