New product release | TacSenseTechnology TAS wireless pressure distribution measurement system officially launched

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2023-04-03 13:32

  With the unique pressure-sensing patent technology and core algorithm of TacSense Technology, the pressure film sensor developed by TacSense Technology has the characteristics of high sensitivity and flexibility, can recognize extremely small contact pressure, and can also cope with some curved surface test scenarios. . The TAS pressure distribution measurement system integrated with the pressure film sensor sheet has been widely used in the real-time detection of pressure distribution in the field of industrial automation. Real-time detection, automatic statistics, analysis, and alarms of the contact pressure of links can improve the process level for customers, achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and help intelligent manufacturing in various industries. On October 14, 2021, TacSense Technology exhibited this system at the demo day event of Xiaomi's "Industry-Investment-Linked Core Smart Drive Without Borders". Mr. Wang, general manager of TacSense Technology, specially introduced the application of this system in the detection of expansion force of new energy power batteries to Mr. Lei of Xiaomi, and the importance of this application in battery safety monitoring. This system has been recognized by many power battery manufacturers at the exhibition.

  Advantages of TAS Wireless Pressure Distribution Measurement System
  TacSense Technology released the TAS wireless pressure distribution measurement system on September 20, 2021. The system has upgraded wireless and offline storage functions on the basis of the original online version of the pressure collector, and is especially suitable for machines that cannot or are inconvenient to route on site. equipment, mobile machine equipment and other application scenarios. Especially for multi-channel test systems, the wireless feature can effectively avoid tedious matters such as on-site wiring and external power connection, and can greatly improve the test efficiency.
  The whole set of pressure distribution measurement system includes three parts: pressure film sensor sheet, wireless pressure acquisition host and sampling system software. According to different application scenarios of customers, a variety of pressure film sensors of different specifications can be customized, and software can also be customized according to customer needs to automatically count, analyze, alarm, store records and other functions.
  The system uses an ultra-thin and flexible and bendable pressure film sensor sheet to accurately measure the contact pressure distribution of the contact surface, and can display the contact pressure of the entire contact surface in the form of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional color pressure distribution image. Record the entire stress process. The pressure distribution data detected in real time can be automatically subjected to relevant statistical analysis, and can be exported for secondary data analysis or development.
  TAS pressure distribution measurement system and wireless pressure distribution measurement system - typical application scenarios

  This measurement system can be widely used in real-time detection of pressure distribution in the field of industrial automation
  ● Pressure distribution detection of lithium battery winding, formation, heat sealing and other processes
  ● New energy battery charge and discharge expansion force distribution detection
  (Automotive power battery expansion force and safety seminar was successfully held)
  ● LCD panel bonding, assembly pressure distribution detection
  ● Roller equipment support force, levelness detection
  ● Machine indenter flatness, uniformity adjustment test

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