Intelligent robot collision detection system

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2023-04-03 13:32

Robot collision detection system

Introduction: The Titanium Robot Intelligent Collision Avoidance System integrates a unique ultra-sensitive anti-collision flexible sensor, which can record the entire collision process in real time, and perform real-time collision area detection and collision force detection.

The robot collision detection system with built-in Tishen's unique flexible film sensor can realize:

◆ Safe edge collision
360° collision detection on the outer wall of the robot ◆ Collision location detection and reporting
◆ Collision pressure detection and reporting
◆ Collision process recording
This system provides important data for robot troubleshooting and routine maintenance. The intelligent robot collision detection system mainly consists of two parts: a flexible multi-zone pressure sensor and a collision detection circuit module. It can be customized for actual application scenarios, requirements, pressure ranges, number of partitions, sizes, interfaces, etc.
Intelligent robot collision detection systems can be widely used in safety edge applications, including:
◆ autonomous mobile robots
◆ industrial safety edge applications (for example, elevator safety doors, machine tool tables, electric doors, lifting tables, etc.)


Schematic diagram of the overall scheme


Pressure sensor specifications

  Pressure range


  Number of single partitions

  4 partitions


  Sensor outer size 115cmx0.8cm

  Effective pressure sensing area 100cmx0.6cm;


  5Pin 2.54mm pitch piercing crimp terminal

  Operating temperature



  100,000 times

According to actual application scenarios and requirements, pressure range, number of partitions, size, interface, communication protocol, etc. can be customized

Detecting circuit parameters  Number

  Supply voltage

  3.3V, 5V, 12V optional bus interface: RS-485 / I2C / SPI optional

  Pulse interface

  2 way

  LED indicator

  3 way

  Collision signal detection sampling rate


  Collision pressure detection

  Threshold can be factory preset or software set through the bus

  Collision zone detection

  Collision force, collision location partition, etc. can be reported through the bus

  Working power consumption

  About 1-3mA (depending on different bus interfaces)

  Operating temperature

  -20 ~ 50℃ Working humidity: 0~ 95%

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