Hot-press laminating machine pressing surface uniformity test

In hot-press laminating equipment, uneven pressure caused by uneven upper and lower pressure surfaces is a common cause of poor bonding.

Rolling application testing

The TAS pressure distribution detection system can adjust the levelness of the rollers in real time and test the true pressure of the rollers to ensure that the equipment is in the best condition.

Screen assembly inspection

Traditional pressure-sensitive paper can only measure the peak pressure, which cannot be quantified, and cannot be corrected in real time during the production process.

Panel bonding detection

Mainly in the panel lamination process, the flatness of the contact surface, the flaws of the fixture and the lamination pressure are tested whether the standard is met.

Single cell and battery module expansion force detection

During the charging process of the battery cell, due to the internal electrochemical reaction of the battery cell, the volume of the battery cell expands, which will produce expansion force on the outer wall of the battery cell and the structure of the battery cell module.....

Battery formation equipment and battery flatness testing

In the production process of lithium batteries, whether the cell is pressed uniformly during the formation process is the key to affecting the performance of the cell.....