Multi zone Minicell vertical transformation scheme

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2023-11-16 10:58

  Application Brief

· This solution is suitable for the vertical formation of minicell cells, and the collector used is a high-density and high-resolution model, which supports a maximum of 128*128 (rows * columns), a total of 16284 grid points, and fully presents the pressure distribution state of small cells

· Multi-zone design, a single sensor can detect up to 20 cells at the same time, improving the detection efficiency

· Hollow avoidance can be carried out according to the actual situation of the fixture

· Independently count the pressure data of each partition to fully grasp the force of each cell

· The vertical formation bracket can be designed according to the interface of the on-site formation machine to achieve quick installation and convenient use for on-site personnel




   Field application examples





   Flatness statistics


· This solution can automatically identify the external dimensions of the battery, grasp and count the pressure at the four corners and sides of the battery, realize the automatic judgment of the formation result (PASS/NG), and generate the pressure distribution test report of the formation equipment with one click.

· The judgment scheme can be customized according to customer standards.




  The flatness of formation is automatically determined and a report is output


· The judgment scheme can be customized and developed according to customer standards, and the following parameters are for reference only:

· Shrinkage point: Intelligently capture and identify the size of the cell, and the shrinkage point can be set to eliminate the small pressure area at the edge of the outer ring

· Range ratio: Automatically grab and count the pressure of the four corners and four sides of the battery to make the range ratio

· P0 Ratio: Set a P0 benchmark pressure value, and count the percentage of all grid points greater than P0 to the total number of grid points

· kMax/kMin: The total average pressure P is calculated in a nine-square grid of 3×3, and Pmax and Pmin are found, where kMax=Pmax/P and kMin=Pmin/P

· cvMax: calculates the CVn (SDn/Pn) and total CV of the total region for each region, and selects the maximum value from the CVn as cvMax






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