TWS earphone pressure sensing module - TS2223

Release time:

2023-11-16 11:04

The TS2223 "True Pressure" headphone pressure-sensitive module developed by TacSense Technology can realize operations such as clicking, multi-clicking, and long-pressing, which perfectly solves the pain points of easy mistouch, poor experience, complex integration, and high cost.



  High sensitivity

  High linearity

  Perfect hand consistency



  Simple assembly

  Low cost

  Sufficient production capacity and short delivery time




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Main performance characteristics:



TS2223 parameters

Operating voltage


Pressure-sensitive power consumption

The voltage-sensitive circuit generates a power dissipation of <3uA

Overall system power consumption

 < 10 uA

Operating temperature

-40 ~ 85℃

Pressure range

0 - 600 gF

Minimum trigger pressure

< 20 gF

ADC bit requirements

≥ 10 bits


10KV@ contact mode 10 times

15KV@ air mode 10 times




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