Good News | Tishen Technology Selected as a "Specialized, Refined, and New" Enterprise in Shenzhen

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2023-11-16 11:07

It is reported that specialized, refined, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve specialization, refinement, characteristic development, strong innovation ability, good quality and efficiency, is the backbone of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises, leading products in the key links and key areas of the industrial chain to "make up for shortcomings" and "fill in the blanks"; This time, TacSense Technology was recognized as a "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprise in Shenzhen by virtue of its overall competitive advantages such as strong innovation ability, outstanding core technology, and excellent quality and efficiency, which fully reflects TacSense Technology's professional focus, fine management, and R&D innovationand other aspects have been affirmed and recognized by the superior departments.

With the support of national policies, TacSense Technology will continue to actively play the exemplary role of "specialized, special and new" enterprises, focus on the empowerment of flexible haptic sensing in the fields of new energy, industry, human-computer interaction, etc., strengthen the research of core key technologies, provide technical support for intelligent manufacturing and digitalization (AI), and solve the risk of "stuck neck".

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Shenzhen, TacSense has an R&D team in Chengdu and marketing teams in Beijing and Changzhou. The founding team originated from overseas high-level talents and industrial engineering teams such as the United States, Singapore, Tsinghua University, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and developed and possessed the world's most sensitive and flexible tactile sensing technology - Flexible Ionized Sensing Technology (FITS), which can provide real-time, high-quality, low-noise haptic/pressure signals.

Based on the self-developed flexible haptic pressure sensing technology, TacSense Technology has launched a tactile empowerment solution for the new energy, industrial and consumer electronics industriesNow it has served dozens of well-known enterprises and institutions such as Ganfeng Lithium Battery, Xinwangda, BYD, Tsinghua University, Xiaomi, OPPO and so on. In 2022, the company completed the B round of financing led by Chuangdongfang, and the shareholders introduced in the previous financing include Xiaomi Industrial Investment, Lenovo Venture Capital, Tongchuangweiye, Yuandu Venture Capital and Wang Xiaochuan, former president of Sogou, with a cumulative financing of more than 100 million yuan; More than 100 patents have been applied for, and more than 70 patents have been authorized; At the same time, in the development process in recent years, it has been well recognized by the government and the industry, which fully reflects the company's leading and novel products and technologies, including: the introduction of innovation and entrepreneurship teams in the "Pearl River Talents" plan of Guangdong Province, national high-tech enterprises, the "Tactile AI Empowerment" Engineering Technology R&D Center of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and the first set of major technical equipment in Shenzhen by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Shenzhen.

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