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Tishen Technology [TS2223A Pressure Sensing Solution] Empowers ZMI Purple Mi PurSpace 2 Pro True Wireless Noise Reduction Earphones

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2023-11-16 11:08

On the morning of October 31, 2022, Beijing time, ZMI PurSpace 2 Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones were officially pre-sold on Jingdong Mall, which uses TacSense's TS2223A pressure sensing solution.

The ZMI PurSpace 2 Pro has attracted the attention of audio enthusiasts for its skin-friendly and comfortable fit, excellent active noise cancellation and low latency performance.

ZMI PurSpace 2 Pro 支持压感按键,降噪通话,切换歌曲,方便又便捷,实现智能操控,其压力传感控制模块来自钛深科技TS2223A压力传感器,采用新型的离电材料,集成高灵敏、高信噪比的电容/压力特征信号,可以很好的满足人机交互中的单击、双击、三击和长按等交互模式。

钛深科技TS2223A 压力传感器,自有算法简单、BOM 精简、对ADC要求低、无需单独使用 MCU 的诸多优势,是一种具备高线性度、低成本的新一代 TWS 耳机压控解决方案。

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