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Complete pressure distribution detection scheme

Pressure distribution measurement system

The pressure distribution measurement system uses ultra-thin, flexible, and bendable thin film sensors to accurately measure the contact pressure distribution on the contact surface. It can display the entire contact pressure on the contact surface in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional color pressure distribution image and record the entire force process. The real-time detection of pressure distribution data can automatically perform relevant statistical analysis, and can be exported for secondary data analysis or development. At present, the pressure distribution measurement system has been widely used in various application scenarios such as pressure distribution detection throughout the entire chain of new energy lithium batteries and industrial automation detection, empowering various links of the industrial chain.

Wireless pressure distribution measurement system

The TAS wireless pressure distribution measurement system has upgraded its wireless and offline storage functions on the basis of the original wired version of the pressure collector, and is particularly suitable for application scenarios such as on-site machine equipment that cannot or is inconvenient to route, mobile machine equipment, etc. Especially for multi-channel testing systems, the wireless characteristics can effectively avoid cumbersome matters such as on-site wiring and external power connection during testing, greatly improving testing efficiency.

Multi machine collaborative pressure distribution measurement system

Highlights of TAS multi machine collaborative pressure distribution measurement system: large area, high density, multi area simultaneous inspection. This product is mainly aimed at customers who require high resolution of pressure cloud images, such as small watch battery cell testing and tire tread pressure distribution testing. The high-density distribution characteristics of flexible sensors enable customers to pay attention to the presentation of subtle pressure distributions.

Multi-channel pressure distribution measurement system

Highlights of TAS multi-channel pressure distribution measurement system: simultaneous testing, data comparison, and differential identification This product can meet the requirements of customers for testing multiple products simultaneously, and its convenience is to compare cloud images and data at the same time, identify product differences and improve shortcomings.

TWS headphone pressure sensing module TS2223

To better meet the pressure touch requirements of TWS earphones, Tishen Technology has released the TS2223 TWS earphone "true pressure" detection module with sensitivity comparable to Apple AirPodsPro. This system is based on the pressure-sensitive characteristics of titanium deep technology's self-developed sensing materials, which can achieve operations such as single click, multiple strikes, and long press. At the same time, it perfectly solves the pain points of easy accidental touch, poor experience, complex integration, and high cost.

Electric toothbrush pressure sensing module

The electric toothbrush pressure sensing solution is equipped with a high-precision brushing pressure detection sensor, which can accurately detect force and provide protection. When the user brushes their teeth too hard, the toothbrush will provide real-time feedback on the excessive brushing force through simultaneous vibration of the brush body and red flashing screen, in order to timely correct the user's bad brushing habits and avoid potential enamel and gum damage.

Thin film distributed pressure sensor

Ultra thin and flexible: seamlessly integrated without changing the structure of the battery module; Pressure distribution detection: presenting the expansion force distribution state in a pressure cloud map with high accuracy, sensitivity, and linearity; Wide temperature range: can meet continuous pressure monitoring in high temperature environments with thermal runaway; High reliability and ultra long service life:>15 years of service life; Cascade design saves space and facilitates module PACK integration

BFA model

The BFA model detection technology is to measure the changes in expansion force at different positions of the battery, map the true chemical reaction mechanism inside the battery, determine the health status of the battery, accurately diagnose the disease of the battery, and early warning the "retirement" time of the battery

BLM Battery Full Life Cycle Monitoring and Management Platform

The BLM (Battery Lifecycle Management) platform combines technologies such as state perception, operational control, big data analysis, and intelligent algorithms to ensure the reliability and safety of lithium batteries in various application scenarios, and improve the operational performance of lithium batteries throughout their entire lifecycle.

Vehicle specification level multi-dimensional iBMS

Cloud platform: big data analysis+cloud computing+data display+status push+maintenance management; From control: expansion force collection, individual voltage collection, temperature collection, etc; Main control: High voltage acquisition+relay control+data processing+storage+display+parameter setting+dynamic loop system connection.