Double Award Coronation! TacSense Technology was awarded the Top 10 Energy Storage Technology Innovation Models in 2024 and the Emerging Enterprise of the Year in Energy Storage in 2024

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2024-05-29 15:03

Double Award Coronation!

Top 10 innovative examples of energy storage technology in 2024

2024 Energy Storage Annual Emerging Enterprises


On April 10, 2024, the 12th Energy Storage International Exhibition (ESIE2024) hosted by Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance, China Energy Research Association, and Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was grandly opened in Beijing Shougang Exhibition Center. At the awards ceremony of the 8th International Energy Storage Innovation Competition held simultaneously in 2024, TacSense Technology's edge tactile sensing energy storage battery safety status monitoring technology won the top 10 awards for energy storage technology innovation in 2024 and the annual emerging enterprise in energy storage in 2024. In this award, TacSense Technology is the only award-winning enterprise based on self-developed tactile sensing for energy storage safety monitoring technology. At the same time, it is also one of the few enterprises that has won two major honors. It is highly recognized and strongly supported by national and industry experts for the importance, flexibility, economy, and application prospects of this energy storage safety monitoring technology.




The safety status monitoring technology for energy storage batteries with edge tactile perception, which has won this award, has been productized and formed our company's fully independent intellectual property "lithium battery lifecycle management" solution, committed to achieving:

SOC high-precision estimation

The rate of change in the force dimension (130%) is much higher than the rate of change in the voltage dimension (20%), so the determination of SOC based on the force dimension model is more accurate.

Thermal runaway safety warning

The force dimension thermal runaway warning model can complete warning identification 5-10 minutes earlier than parameters such as temperature and voltage.

In situ monitoring of lithium precipitation

The pressure aging warning model can achieve precise fault identification and real-time alarm push for safety risks such as abnormal lithium deposition in the negative electrode and impurities in the positive electrode particles that occur throughout the entire lifecycle.

SOH Digital Twin

Based on the presented total and distributed forces, reflect the intelligent operation and maintenance of the entire life cycle of the battery cell.


Sincerely invite you to visit and guide us at the booth


TacSense Technology will debut its "lithium battery full lifecycle management" solution from April 11th to 13th at Hall 14-E1010-4. We look forward to discussing the latest development trends and future prospects of the energy storage industry with experts, scholars, and enterprise representatives from all over the country.


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