Walking non-stop, the future is promising | Let's review the "highlight" moment of TacSense Technology in 2023 together

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2024-05-29 15:06

Time howls, and a new year approaches us
Looking back on 2023, TacSense Technology
Be steadfast in your actions and strive forward with all your might
Continuously surpassing and reaping abundant rewards
Let's review the "highlights moment" together
Walking non-stop, the future is promising

1. Establishing a Chengdu subsidiary and embarking on a new journey

On October 27, 2023, TacSense Technology held a grand housewarming ceremony at Shiwai Taoyuan Square in Wuhou District, Chengdu. More than ten upstream and downstream partners gathered on site to witness another milestone of TacSense Technology. In the future, we will continue to implement the principle of early safety warning, safeguarding energy storage and new energy security, and creating higher quality TacSense products and services.

2. Building and improving a lithium battery safety laboratory

The TacSense Technology Lithium Battery Safety Laboratory has completed the construction of comprehensive capabilities for battery pressure testing and characterization. It has a standardized management system and advanced digital experimental platform, as well as professional testing equipment such as an integrated pressure distribution measurement system, in-situ expansion testing system, and large battery charging and discharging cabinets. It also has high-end electrochemical characterization equipment such as workstations, professional battery disassembly glove boxes, and various national standard needle piercing, overcharging, and heating thermal runaway testing devices. It can undertake electrochemical characterization testing of various specifications and models of 3C&power&energy storage units under different working conditions, pressure battery performance testing, and induced TR testing in extreme scenarios.

3. Release active safety warning system for energy storage


In June 2023, TacSense Technology released an active safety warning system for energy storage, which includes three core technologies: low-cost energy storage sensors BSS algorithm version BBS early warning platform.
1) Low cost energy storage sensor: equipped with ultra-thin, flexible, long service life, seamless integrated module and other characteristics, it can accurately perceive the operating status of the battery;
2) BSS algorithm version: Similar to the CT detection technology of batteries, it can identify both normal aging characteristics of batteries and abnormal safety risks of batteries. For the two development failure modes of "old death" and "illness death/sudden death", continuous and strongly correlated system modeling has been carried out, truly achieving high-precision estimation of "birth, aging, illness and death" throughout the entire life cycle of batteries.
3) BBS early warning platform: The construction of this platform enables TacSense to independently integrate the active safety warning module of energy storage projects.

4. Release temperature and pressure integrated sensors

In December 2023, in response to research on the safety of energy storage batteries, TacSense Technology released its self-developed temperature and pressure integrated sensor, which integrates temperature and pressure detection functions, in line with the development trend of multi-sensor fusion in the industry; At present, the sensor has completed multiple rounds of verification and is ready for market orientation.

5. The first pressure integrated energy storage cabinet demonstration project has been launched

In July 2023, the first pressure integrated energy storage cabinet solution in the industry was demonstrated and implemented in Yancheng, Jiangsu. The project has been in operation for more than half a year, and abnormal customer situations have been identified multiple times and warnings have been issued. At present, the plan has been upgraded to form a complete set of integrated installation solutions for active pressure warning systems that can cover air cooling, liquid cooling, and compatible with various battery module architectures. At the same time, it is compatible with large storage container (hold) level applications.

6. The effective time of thermal runaway warning is more than 1000 seconds ahead of temperature and voltage

TacSense Technology, together with the Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Response and energy storage integrators, has completed thermal runaway testing and verification at the level of a single battery cell module pack system. The results show that when a battery experiences thermal runaway, only the pressure dimension data recognizes the warning before the battery valve bursts, while temperature, voltage, current, and other factors trigger a thermal runaway warning after the valve bursts. The warning can be as early as 1000 seconds earlier than the temperature, effectively proving the effectiveness of pressure warning.

7. Successfully mass-produced on Honor X5s Pro wireless earphones

In September 2023, Wingcloud X5s Pro, the honorable selection of TacSense technology pressure sensing scheme, was officially launched in Jingdong. It is also the third brand project after ZMI PurSpace 2 Pro and Wal Mart. It is the market's recognition of TacSense pressure sensing scheme. By pinching once, quickly pinching twice, quickly pinching three times, and long pinching, functions such as pause/play, answer/hang up, up/down song switching, and noise reduction mode switching can be controlled, greatly reducing the risk of accidental touch.

8. Establishing a joint laboratory with the Higher Research Institute of the University of Science and Technology of China

In August 2023, in order to better study the internal working conditions of lithium-ion batteries and meet the demand for improving the long lifespan of sensors, TacSense Technology and the Suzhou Institute of Advanced Research at the University of Science and Technology of China jointly developed a reverse ionization sensing technology. This sensor can simultaneously detect temperature, pressure, and ion conductivity. By implanting/externally wearable sensors inside the battery to monitor changes in sensing data during battery cycling, the mapping relationship between implantable sensing, external sensing, and battery aging was explored.

9. Qualification of Shenzhen Specialized, Refined, Special, and New Small and Medium sized Enterprises

In March 2023, after comprehensive evaluation by relevant departments, TacSense Technology broke through the encirclement and was successfully selected for the "2022 Shenzhen Specialized, Refined, Unique and New" Small and Medium sized Enterprise Publicity List released by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. TacSense Technology has been recognized as a "specialized, refined, unique, and new" enterprise in Shenzhen due to its strong innovation ability, outstanding core technology, and excellent quality and efficiency.

10. "Excellent Enterprise" and "Excellent Project Award" in the International Energy Storage Competition

TacSense Technology has won the "2023 Energy Storage Excellent Enterprise" and "2023 Energy Storage Technology Innovation Group Energy Storage Safety Track Excellent Project" in the competition, thanks to its "Energy Storage Battery Safety Status Monitoring Technology with Edge Touch Sensing" project. As the most credible and authoritative public welfare event in the domestic energy storage industry, TacSense Technology has broken through numerous excellent projects with its advanced safety warning technology and won these two honors. It is recognized by the organizers and top experts in the industry for its company and technology.


New Year · New Journey

Looking ahead to 2024, TacSense Technology

We will continue to work hard and refine our skills

Developing lower cost and more competitive products

To safeguard energy storage and new energy security

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