TacSense won the "Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Yuexiu Group" 2020 Million Award (International) Entrepreneurship Competition · National Finals Top Ten in China

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2024-05-29 15:08

On December 19-20, 2020, the "HKUST-Yuexiu Group" 2020 Million Prize (International) Entrepreneurship Competition - National Finals, hosted by HKUST and with Guangzhou Yuexiu Group as the chief partner, was successfully held in Nansha, Guangzhou. Since 2011, the "HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition" has gone through ten years. Since the 10th edition of the competition, a total of 5,803 projects have participated, and many outstanding startups and entrepreneurs have been cultivated, among which DJI drones and Yunzhou unmanned ships are the first participating projects. Since 2016, the entrepreneurship competition has gone out of the campus to solicit high-quality entrepreneurial projects from all over the world. Based on the unique competition system, high-quality projects, impartial evaluation, abundant scientific research and academic resources and alumni support, the "HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition" is unique among many entrepreneurship competitions in China and has become one of the high-level competitions with social influence.

This year's entrepreneurship competition has set up eight competition areas in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yangtze River Delta, Zhongshan, Foshan, Hong Kong and Macao, attracting a total of 1,826 entrepreneurial projects to sign up for the competition, involving more than 10 fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, biomedicine, advanced manufacturing, Internet of Things, and smart city.

The competition invited partners from ten major investment institutions, including GSR United Capital, Legend Capital, China Renaissance Capital, Hongtai Capital, IDG, Pine Harvest Capital, Yuanwang Capital, SAIF Investment, Fosun Venture Capital and Eagle Fund, to participate in the selection of this competition. These top 10 investment institutions are deeply engaged in the field of hard technology entrepreneurship, and the investment team has rich investment and financing experience, and they will combine with HKUST's academic research and alumni network resources to jointly incubate and support the growth of a new generation of science and technology enterprises.

Congratulations to TacSense Technology's flexible ionized sensing technology and solution for winning the top 10 in the 2020 HKUST-Yuexiu Group 2020 Million Prize (International) Entrepreneurship Competition - National Finals, and winning the overall champion in Beijing


TacSense Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (TacSense) has developed and owned the world's most sensitive and flexible tactile sensing technology - Flexible Ionized Sensing Technology (FITS). By providing ultra-sensitive tactile sensing modules and flexible human-machine sensing interfaces, TacSense Technology solves the pain points of pressure sensing and pressure distribution needs in various industries. TacSense's unique flexible ionization sensing technology has been successfully applied to consumer electronics (TWS earphone pressure sensing solution), industrial testing (TAS pressure distribution measurement system), medical health (smart wearable module PS02), Robotics (intelligent collision detection system), Internet of Things and other industries. TacSense Technology can also provide customized flexible haptic solutions.


    TacSense Technology empowers haptic technology


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