Power battery safety always comes first! TacSense Technology Assists Active Safety Management of Power Batteries

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2024-05-29 15:16

On October 14, 2021, TacSense Technology, as one of Xiaomi's invested companies, was invited to participate in the Xiaomi Industry Investment Demo Day event, and exhibited TacSense Technology's pressure sensing and real-time monitoring solutions applied to automotive electronics to Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, senior directors and managers of various business divisions. Wang Xiaoyang, CEO of TacSense Technology, was invited to attend the CEO dinner on the 14th.


▲Group photo of exhibitors of "Industry and Investment Lianxin, Intelligent Drive Without Borders" Xiaomi Industrial Investment Demo Day


TacSense Technology empowers the upgrading of new energy vehicles

        This demo day event is a platform for Xiaomi to fully showcase its industry chain partners, realize business collaboration and cooperation of Xiaomi industry chain companies through the platform, and display and dock potential partners, hoping to continue to create long-term strategic and wealth value for Xiaomi industry chain enterprises, and jointly strive to use technology to make our lives better.

The theme of the event was automotive electronics, and the heads of Xiaomi Auto and business partners in the industry chain mentioned the importance of power battery safety in the three-electric system of electric vehicles. In order to improve the safety of power batteries, TacSense Technology has increased R&D investment in response to the needs of power battery expansion force detection, and invested a lot of engineering resources to support customers in product applications. At present, TacSense Technology has been deeply involved in the force dimension monitoring of the whole power battery industry chain such as battery cell manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, testing institutions and universities, and has accumulated rich experience in application scenarios and production and testing data.

In this demo day event, TacSense Technology successfully exhibited the TAS pressure distribution measurement system for real-time monitoring of power battery expansion force. Wang Xiaoyang, CEO of TacSense Technology, introduced the application of TAS pressure distribution measurement system in the expansion force monitoring of the whole life cycle of power batteries to Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, and senior managers of Xiaomi. Partners in the automotive electronics industry chain affirm that TacSense Technology is in the right direction to improve the safety of power batteries. Chen Xu, Industrial Sales Director of TacSense Technology, and a number of industry-leading power battery companies had full exchanges at the event and gained positive business cooperation.



▲Power battery cyclic charge and discharge expansion force monitoring system


Power battery safety|Background introduction

With the reports of major fire accidents caused by battery safety in various places, battery safety issues have received more and more attention. In September 2021, TacSense Technology and the intelligent battery sensor research team of Academician Ouyang Minggao, a power battery expert from Tsinghua University, had a full exchange on the application of TacSense Technology's TAS pressure distribution measurement system in power battery safety. Multiple sets of experimental data in this project show that there is a strong correlation between battery expansion force and battery safety. Professor Lu Languang, the main leader of the team, said that in the process of battery charging and discharging, the TAS pressure distribution measurement system of TacSense Technology is used to intervene in the expansion force monitoring of the whole life cycle of the battery, which can effectively judge the aging degree of the battery and infer the internal lithium separation state, and carry out safety early warning through the force dimension before the battery fails or causes safety risks, so as to ensure that the algorithm can warn the battery explosion and fire risk earlier and protect the safety of users. In addition, the big data research based on the force dimension will also provide new data dimensions for the BMS algorithm, such as the real-time adjustment of the charging current according to the expansion force during the fast charging process, so as to ensure battery safety and protect battery life while improving charging efficiency.


▲Demonstration of power battery cyclic charge and discharge expansion force monitoring


TacSense's true pressure flexible ionization sensing solution can be widely used in various application scenarios such as power battery safety monitoring, intelligent cockpit human-computer interaction and driver vital signs monitoring of new energy vehicles. TacSense Technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on flexible pressure sensing modules and haptic AI solutions. The company aims to truly empower haptic perception technology in multiple industries such as consumer electronics and wearables, industrial detection and robotics, medical and health, automotive electronics and the Internet of Things. TacSense Technology has the fourth-generation sensing mechanism with completely independent intellectual property rights - interface ionized tactile sensing technology, which ensures the material characteristics of high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, high linearity and true flexibility from the technical principle. Based on the characteristics of materials, the company has polished the pressure sensing and detection systems and solutions used in various industries, continuously solved the pain points of various industries, and jointly promoted the digital development of the industry.

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