Lei Jun Live Experience! Titanium deep technology empowers intelligent cockpit human-machine interaction applications

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2023-11-16 10:09

On October 14, 2021, TacSense Technology, as one of Xiaomi's invested companies, was invited to participate in the Xiaomi Industry Investment Demo Day event. At this event, TacSense Technology not only exhibited the TAS pressure distribution measurement system for real-time monitoring of power battery expansion force, but also exhibited flexible true pressure sensing solutions for smart cockpits, smart phones, TWS earphones, health and medical treatment.


▲ "Industry and Investment Lianxin, Intelligent Drive Without Borders" Xiaomi Industrial Investment Demo Day exhibits


Intelligent cockpit human-computer interaction application empowerment

TacSense's ultra-flexible, ultra-sensitive, and fully transparent pressure sensors can be widely used in automotive seats, steering wheels, body control, car interiors and other products. For example, TacSense's flexible pressure sensor can be added to the car seat, through true pressure sensing, the comfort of the driver's sitting position can be adjusted autonomously, the position can be quickly readjusted, and fatigue monitoring and reminder can be carried out. At the same time, TacSense's HMI module can also be added to the interior and steering wheel to achieve true pressure-sensitive touch. By detecting the driver's grip on the steering wheel in real time, whether it is holding with one hand, holding with both hands, or leaving with both hands, it can automatically turn on different levels of autonomous driving, and can learn the driver's gestures for gesture recognition and control. At this demo day event, TacSense Technology exhibited a steering wheel that can display the output of pressure touch and true pressure value in real time, and demonstrated the ultra-high sensitivity of TacSense Technology's flexible ionization technology, which was experienced by Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group.


▲TacSense's flexible pressure sensor is used in automobiles


TWS True Pressure Touch

        TacSense's HMI modules applied to intelligent cockpits have been verified by customers, products and markets for mass production. It can better meet the light, heavy, long, short and other pressing and pressing interaction modes in human-computer interaction, as well as the real-time size of the knowledge force. At the same time, it has many advantages such as low power consumption, simple integration, low requirements for ADC, and no need for additional MCU.
        According to the product characteristics of consumer electronics TWS earphones, TacSense Technology has developed SMT packaging sensors to achieve fully automatic production and assembly. The partners have experienced the TWS earphones integrated with the HMI module of TacSense Technology, and fully recognized this interactive experience and the prospect of TacSense Technology's true pressure touch solution.








☛ 心率、呼吸、血压趋势的全天候监测

☛ 心血管系统相关动力学分析

☛ 心率变异性分析(HRV)-(如情绪、疲劳等)

☛ 体温连续监测



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