TEEC Enters Titanium Deep, Exploring Tactile AI Empowerment

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2023-11-16 10:11

On August 20, 2021, Liu Renchen, Vice President of Shenzhen Tsinghua Research Institute, led nearly 20 members of Tsinghua Entrepreneur Association (hereinafter referred to as "TEEC") to visit TacSense Technology.

TEEC visited TacSense Technology


Wang Xiaoyang, general manager of TacSense Technology, presided over the meeting and made an opening introduction, and President Liu of Shenzhen Tsinghua Research Institute welcomed the entrepreneurs who participated in the event. Wang Xiaoyang led the visiting entrepreneurs to visit the exhibition hall and assembly and testing workshop of TacSense Technology, and explained the development process of TacSense Technology, as well as the achievements of TacSense Technology in R&D, innovation and industrial application.

TacSense Technology's flexible tactile sensors have been successfully used in industrial, consumer electronics, robots, automotive electronics and medical fields, including new energy batteries, semiconductors and panels and other industrial testing, production line assembly, intelligent manufacturing fields, TWS true pressure-sensitive earphones, mobile phone keyless frames, laptop forcepads and other consumer electronics fields, AGV/AMR, service robots, sweeping robots and other robot fields, car seats, steering wheels and other automotive electronics applications. and cooperation with West China Hospital of Sichuan University and other medical applications such as smart glasses and capsule robots.

Wang Xiaoyang, general manager of TacSense Technology, introduced the company's development journey


TEEC visited the assembly and testing workshop of TacSense Technology


After the visit, Wang Xiaoyang shared his thoughts on hard technology entrepreneurship based on the company's experience in the past three years。 Wang Xiaoyang compares the image of market demand, products and technologies to the relationship between "nails", "handles" and "hammers", how TacSense Technology polishes the module (MVP) step by step through tactile sensing technology, to the product, and even to the final scene, what kind of value does TacSense Technology's products have, how high is the ceiling of the market, and the boundary of technology; Then, by thinking about the relationship between "hammer" and "nail", Wang Xiaoyang elaborated on the value of TacSense Technology, as well as the independence of enterprise survival and the technical ceiling, so as to realize the vision of TacSense Technology - "Haptic AI Empowerment": through flexible haptic sensing technology, customers are given more dimensions of data, and then analyzed, identified and guided operations.

Finally, TEEC entrepreneurs shared and exchanged their past entrepreneurial experiences. Dean Liu fully affirmed this event and emphasized that this event is a very valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn from each other and communicate with each other.

TacSense Technology is committed to haptic AI empowerment, developing and owning the world's first Flexible Iontronic Sensing technology, and providing the world's most sensitive and flexible human-machine sensing and interactive interface. The company focuses on the development of flexible tactile sensors and haptic AI solutions, and is committed to solving their applications in the fields of industrial, consumer electronics, medical, robotics and automotive electronics. TacSense Technology takes the lead in solving the current market's demand for high-precision, large-array, and ultra-flexible tactile sensing by providing ultra-high sensitivity and super anti-noise performance tactile sensors, flexible human-computer interaction interfaces, and wearable health monitoring technology, and provides corresponding technical consulting services.


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